Road to Becoming a Dietitian… Hopefully

This Stepmber I start school in a completely new city…. I’m avoiding this truth. I haven’t found a place to live or booked a plane ticket (That’s right I got my shit together). I’ve only told a few friends and family members.  To be honest, I haven’t been known as the exemplary student (I was the procrastinator)  and I’m not interested in the push back I may get for going back for degree number two at 25. My first go around at university I spent too much time working (2 jobs), socializing and not taking my degree seriously. Now I completed my degree (you only need a D to get a degree, no really I got higher than a D more like B-) but if I want to be a dietitian, completion isn’t good enough. And personally, I don’t believe its good enough. I need to get top grades in order to be considered for the dietetic internship, inaddition, I need gain related volunteering experience. I signed up for my first-year classes (at least I did something) and I’m taking physiology, biology, chemistry and math. Fun fact: I’m scared shitless. I’m coming from a sociology background so I’m hoping I can rise to the challenge. Worst comes to worst I’ll just be a stripper if none of this works out lol ( Always good to have a backup).

Don’t get me wrong, I have loved every minute learning about nutritional sciences in my spare time. Hey, I excelled in my food politics class in university, but this is the hard sciences (real shit) where very little is initially relatable to nutrition. It’s foundational. It’s a shit ton of memorization, flash cards and highlighting. On a happier note, I’m trying to look at the end when I can truly help people. So let’s hope I find a cheap ass place to rent.

Anyone else changing career paths?
Or wish they could redo their university years?
Comment below!