Design Your Life!

I find traveling helps me reassess  I went to Europe six months back to visit friends, but also to gain perspective.  I hated my job. I was overworked, underpaid and had zero autonomy.  Without delving too deep into my position, I’m in sales and I don’t believe in the majority of the products. They are unnecessary and quite frankly, a total scam. But I didn’t know all of that in the beginning,  I wanted to perform and I sold. I was in the top ranking out of 400 employees for countless months. But when I began to look past the conditioning from the company and critically evaluated the products, I felt terrible. I had convinced people to spend their hard earned money on products they didn’t need.  After that realization along with a number of other issues that violated so many labor laws, I needed a vacation. So there I was on a flight from London to Zurich. My usual distractions were ready, podcasts downloaded of “Girls Gone WOD”, a book, and water. But none of my entertainment was needed, I had met an amazing Canadian who was a decade or so ahead of me. In that short two-hour flight she had shared her personal struggles and the mistakes she wanted me to avoid. But most importantly she told me how she finally went with her gut and start living the life she wanted. Maybe it was fate or destiny, I believe it was just meant to happen. I mean what are the odds that while I’m trying to make a big career decision, a woman instructs me to follow my passion. For myself, I’m a curious person, who thoroughly enjoys hearing other’s journeys.  I have been an avid reader in the nutrition sphere, but I have no formal training. I want to be a dietitian. But I couldn’t just apply to undergraduate school, I first needed to complete high school chemistry and biology. That was a hard pill to swallow. Not only did I have to consider the financial strain, but the extra hurdle it was going to take to get there that kept me from making the change. But I did it! I’ve completed my high school credits, I’ve been accepted into my university of choice and will be starting in the fall!! Completing those courses was incredibly rewarding. It had been so long since I was challenged and fulfilled, this blog has also been such a fantastic outlet. Don’t wait as long as I did to make a change.


Here are a few tips that helped me to make a career change:

Five Tips to Allow You to Design Your Life!

  1. Learn how to make a budget, make sure you only budget for things you truly need. When you start to question  ” What is really worth my money?, What brings value to my life?” You learn that taking leaps of faith aren’t as scary when your financial needs are minimal. ALSO, HAVE A SAFETY FUND!! (** CHECK OUT THE MINIMALIST.COM )
  2. Expect to fail!! Nothing ever goes as plan. EVER!! That’s okay.
  3. Stay curious. Ask everyone you know, watch YouTube videos, but more importantly GET OUT THERE. Start e-mailing people to meet for coffee. If you want to be a nurse or a lawyer, find someone through friends or even randomly on the internet and ask them for coffee. (I know it sounds scary, but I actually made a great friend through this tactic)
  4. Don’t look for permission from others. I don’t care if your 21 or 55 if you want to change careers or start a new life do it.
  5. Be kind to yourself, it’s not gonna happen in a day. The hustle is real, but when you’re working for something you want it doesn’t feel soul-crushing, it’s rewarding!!

If you have any extra ideas or personal experiences feel free to share 🙂