The Lost Twenty-Something is created by Amanda and Jessica.

A word from Amanda:

I graduated with Honours, specialising in Sociology. I have an extensive background in the childcare sector; I’ve taught English in Germany, been a teaching assistant for a private school and have had over five years experience as a nanny. Some of my posts may discuss parenting due to that interest, although I currently have no children of my own, my boyfriend and I do plan on having a family. When I graduated and started looking outside the childcare field I moved into sales. I was ranked in the top ten of my company’s sector consistently, however with this success came guilt. I hated the products that were being offered and didn’t feel it aligned with my beliefs. While in university and into my sales position, I studied food politics and nutrition sciences constantly in my spare time. Finally, after having enough of the 60 plus hour work weeks, dropping in my sales due to my moral compass I took a three-month leave and went back to adult high school to complete grade 11 & 12 biology and chemistry. I’ve been accepted into university to study nutritional sciences and fingers crossed I get an internship as I intend to become a dietitian. I truly want to help others. In my current position conversations with clients always spill over into personal discussions about their health, relationships, and lifestyle, this is where I truly love my job. This blog is where I want to share resources and create a community that is built on teamwork, respect, and transparency. I know figuring out your passion, parenting and health are easier said than done. But I think it’s worth the time and I hope to bring content that helps you get there faster. Feel free to send an e-mail if you have any questions you’d like me to research.

A word from Jessica:

I would definitely consider myself as a lost twenty-something individual. I don’t think there was a moment in my life where I had an idea of what I would do. Did I think one day I would start a family, for sure. Be successful in a career, I hope so? I remember going to a university fair, explaining to a promoter that I wasn’t sure of what I wanted to study and where I wanted to go. They responded “no one does at your age.” I naively thought four years later, with a university degree completed, I would have more of an idea. But I was just as lost as I was when I was 18 years old. Today I somewhat found a sense of direction (I hope), and decided to venture down the public sector path where I could utilize some of my knowledge gained through my Sociological studies and interests in public policy. I work for the government which is an organization I want to be in, it allows me to have somewhat of a work-life balance, benefits, and a pension people idealize. And although these are great factors, the more passionate side of me joined this large pool of public servants on a romanticized idea that I may be able to help people who are in need. I was never someone who enjoyed the spotlight (ironic for a podcaster) so I don’t hope of being the next Prime Minister, but a more humble position as a policy analyst (which to some is considered boring). I may be in government, except I am far from this field of work and I continue to struggle with reaching this goal. I’m constantly facing obstacles in my way or even creating my own barriers through my fears. I question moves that I make and even that once I get there, will it be everything I hope it to be?

The goal for this blog is to help provide insight and perspectives on various lifestyle topics that we all may feel lost about. I hope this place is somewhere people find comfort and support in that they are not the only one who doesn’t have everything figured out . I invite you to join me on this journey and exploration on the next chapters of our lives and perhaps learning something along the way.