The two girls reppin’ the lost decade: Amanda and Rachel.


I consider myself part of the lost generation of “millennials.” I think that we find ourselves in a unique position, since we’ve seen our parents struggle to stay in jobs that they hate in order to care for their families. Our actions are a direct result of watching our parents put our needs before their own, and we want more for ourselves than that. We are starting the marriage and kids phase of our lives so much later than the generation before us. We are deliberately selecting careers that make us happy and fulfilled. We are taking the time to consider how our actions affect our health and well-being. I am proud to be part of this generation. But like many of us, I am also lost.

By pushing myself to continue searching for a career that will make me happy, I have spent many years “trying things on.” I’ve been a university graduate, a barista, a prospective editor, a Holistic Nutritionist, an office manager at a chiropractic clinic…and this list will most likely grow and grow. The quest for happiness in my daily life has not been easy, but I know I will reap what I sow. 

I hope that this blog will be a touchstone for people who are facing the same trials and fears. I hope that we can educate and inspire others, and most of all, help people to feel less alone. If you’ve got it all figured out in your twenties then I salute you (also I implore you to share your wisdom)! 

A little bit about me:

I live in Toronto with my boyfriend and our cat. We rent a one bedroom apartment in the West end and both work full-time at jobs we don’t find fulfilling or challenging enough to keep long-term. I love to write, read, see live music, be outdoors, and drink really good coffee.


I graduated with Honours, specialising in Sociology. I have an extensive background in the childcare sector; I’ve taught English in Germany, been a teaching assistant for a private school and have had over five years experience as a nanny. Some of my posts may discuss parenting due to that interest, although I currently have no children of my own, my boyfriend and I do plan on having a family. When I graduated and started looking outside the childcare field I moved into sales. I was ranked in the top ten of my company’s sector consistently, however with this success came guilt. I hated the products that were being offered and didn’t feel it aligned with my beliefs. While in university and into my sales position, I studied food politics and nutrition sciences constantly in my spare time. Finally, after having enough of the 60 plus hour work weeks, dropping in my sales due to my moral compass I took a three-month leave and went back to adult high school to complete grade 11 & 12 biology and chemistry. I’ve been accepted into university to study nutritional sciences and fingers crossed I get an internship as I intend to become a dietitian. I truly want to help others. In my current position conversations with clients always spill over into personal discussions about their health, relationships, and lifestyle, this is where I truly love my job. This blog is where I want to share resources and create a community that is built on teamwork, respect, and transparency. I know figuring out your passion, parenting and health are easier said than done. But I think it’s worth the time and I hope to bring content that helps you get there faster. Feel free to send an e-mail if you have any questions you’d like me to research.